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Lacing Up: All You Need To Know About Tying A Lace Up Back Dress

Ask any fashionista, and they’ll tell you that lace up dresses are all the rage right now. But when it comes to tying them up, many of us don’t know where to start. Do you start from the top or bottom? Do you go over or under? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this easy guide on how to tie a lace up back dress.

Step 1: Start at the Top

The easiest way to tie a lace up back dress is from the top. This way, you can ensure that your laces are evenly distributed throughout the dress and won't be too tight in some areas and too loose in others.

Start by ensuring that your lace up back dress fits properly before beginning your lacing process. Once your lacing starts, it's hard to make adjustments without undoing everything, so make sure it fits first! When starting at the top, use one hand to keep the fabric taut while you pull the ribbon or string through each eyelet with your other hand. The key is to move slowly and carefully so that all of your loops are even and look neat.

Step 2: Over or Under?

Once you've reached the end of your lacing process, it's time to decide if you want to do an over or under pattern when finishing off the last few loops. An over pattern means that when making a loop around two eyes, you go over the second eye and then back through it before continuing onto another loop. An under pattern means that you go under the second eye when making a loop around two eyes before continuing onto another loop. Generally speaking, an over pattern looks neater than an under pattern as it keeps everything even and symmetrical. However, if done correctly, both patterns can look beautiful!

Step 3: Secure Your Laces

Remember not to forget about securing your laces when all else is done! To do this correctly, thread one end of each lace through its own hole at least two times so that all four ends meet in one central spot on either side of the dress — this will help keep everything in place while still allowing for slight adjustments if needed later on. Finally, double knot both sides so they cannot become undone during wear!


Whether attending a special event or just looking for something different and for everyday casual wear, lace up back dresses are always stylish and fun choices for fashionistas everywhere! With our easy three-step guide on how to tie a corset back gown — starting from the top with an over or under pattern and finishing off by securing both sides — anyone can learn how to master this classic style in no time! So get creative and enjoy being able to customize your look each time you slip into one of these timeless pieces! No matter what type of occasion you might be attending, there is always a perfect lace up back dress option available. From bohemian styles to classic floral prints and glittering sequins dresses, there is truly something special about this timeless type of garment that brings out the beauty in every woman who wears it! So grab your favorite pair of heels and show off your stylish side by rocking a lace up back dress today! With so many wonderful options available, you’ll never run out of ways to look fabulous!